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Who Wore It Better? Take the POLL!

Remember "Us" Magazine's page showing two or three actresses in the same outfit, with the question "who wore it better"? Just for fun, here are some Vintage Barbies who just happened to show up in the same outfit. So...who wore it better?*

*(And please, collectors, don't take it personally if your doll is pictured and is behind in the poll! After all, there's no accounting for taste! :)

[Background photo c/o cubby]

A pair of Glam Gals in "Glimmer Glamour"

Colormagickid's Fab Redhead Stacy 

My Amazing Platinum Color Magic (She now belongs to Jamie!)

The Girls Go Casual in Picnic Set

Sandy's adorable Redhead #6 (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

Time Traveler's darling Redhead BC - who remembered her shoes, but didn't catch any fish today! (Photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

Two Bewitching Ladies in Black Magic

Colormagickid's Glamorous Titian Swirl (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 My Fab Pale Blonde Swirl

Dr. Ken, RN Barbie and Candy Striper Midge

Isn't it interesting that both these collectors decided to dress the same kind of doll in the same outfits?

cubby's medical team! (Photo courtesy of cubby)

Colormagickid's team! (photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

Three Bubbles in Dinner at Eight

colormagickid's perfect Raven BC (photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 My sultry Titian BC

Sandy's lovely Blonde BC (photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

Two Sweet Blondes in Plantation Belle

Sandy's incredibly beautiful #3 Blonde w/ Brown Eyeliner (photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

My lovely #3 Blonde w/ Blue Eyeliner (Silly girl is holding her purse backwards!)  

A gaggle of Hot Chicks in CottonCasual

Time Traveler's amazing Redhead BC (photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

My very pale and pretty #3 Brunette w/ Brown Eyeliner

cubby's gorgeous twins, #3 Blonde and #3 Brunette! (Photo courtesy of cubby)

Who's the More Sophisticated Lady?

My Transitional White Ginger-Platinum BC

Time Traveler's Lovely Redhead again, this time dressed to the nines! (photo courtesy of Time Traveler) 

Two Gay Parisiennes, Ooh la la!

My #1 Blonde

 Jose's #3 Brunette

Three Friday Night Dates

 Time Traveler's Titian Bubble looks shy...(Photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

Sandy's Saucy Blonde Bubble says "Yes, it's orange soda, so?" (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

My #5/6 Brunette Ponytail looks the teensiest bit pouty! 

Let's Dance! (Who's the Star?)

Time Traveler's Titian Bubble

My Platinum Bubble

Are you in the Mood for Music, or feeling a little Spacey?

My Platinum BC and her sis, transitional WG-Platinum again, now together in their matching outfits!

Colormagickid's Dynamic Duo (Is that Ken and fabbo Fashion Queen hiding behind those bulky space suits?) ~ (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

And Now...The Swimsuit Competition!

The Zebras!

Sandy's Stunning #4 Blonde (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

Colormagickid's Mint Titian Bubble-in-the-Box (photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 colormagickid's fabulous #1 Blonde (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

My #1 Blonde! (The envy of the other girls...)

The Red Helencas!

(It seems you have to wear a gold tag and stand in a box to wear this suit...)

Colormagickid's Mint-in-Box Ash Blonde #6 (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

My Transitional White Ginger/Platinum Bubble 

The Gold Stripes!

Sandy's Gorgeous FQ as a Blonde (photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

My Side-Part Platinum Bubble

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