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About BFI (Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's):

This is a web site devoted to the most fine, famous and fabulous fashion doll ever! Barbe is and seemingly forever will be THE fashion doll. Vintage Barbie is a passion of the site owner Teresa, but she sees the beauty and value in beautiful MOD dolls, Silkstones and OOAK originals!  

Anyone may look around and find all manner of lovely Barbie dolls and their wonderful fashions, including just about every variation! An extensive ID Guide is available also, for those who want to know what Barbie doll they have, or what to look for in order to tell one doll from another.

Becoming a member allows you to post photos of your collection, send messages, write blog or forum posts, and just generally have fun with Barbie!  

While this is not a site created for sales of Barbie dolls, Teresa has added a page where you may purchase selected Barbie dolls or other items. She may agree to sell an item not on the sale page, if it happens to belong to her. Inquiries are welcome.  

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