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The Runway: Barbies on Parade

* Background Music "Sentimental Journey" ~ Doris Day *

Here are the girls modeling the very latest Paris couture from 1959!  

First we see our Blonde Bombshell, #1, in the incredible midnight blue pouf dress "Gay Parisienne", including white fur stole (Paris evenings can be cool), blue hat with tulle netting, opera gloves and accessories. She has the pale complexion of a Parisienne who loves the night life.  

Normally two girls don't do the runway in the same outfit, but both these gals looked so great, why not? This next beauty is a stunning #3 Brunette (photo c/o Jose)

Blondes don't really have more fun, do they, darling! Especially when you're a sultry hand-painted All-Original #1 Brunette parading down the runway in your nighty! "Nighty Negligee", that is...(The dog, I suggest, was included to convince moms that this outfit was "innocent").

On to a glamorous #3 Blonde, and we go to Italy in the hard-to-find "Roman Holiday" ensemble, which includes the navy-and red-white striped belted sheath and matching full-length jacket, complemented by a FABULOUS little red bowed hat. The outfit came with a tiny compact to put in Barbie's purse, but it is nearly always missing (This sassy Blonde didn't tell me if she has one, it's a mystery!). Did Audrey Hepburn wear this in the film? No, but see her in the outfit that could have inspired this here.

 How about a little travel on the roads of "Matteltown, USA"? Here is a #3 Blonde in "Open Road" complete with map in pocket and cool sunglasses to keep out the glare. And a la Kate Hepburn, she may just pick up a handsome guy like Gregory Peck! Look here.

One of the Big Three from exclusively 1959 that we all have on our wish list, the magnificent Easter Parade, with its Apple Print sheath and smart black faille coat, modeled by Dawn's very beautiful #4 Blonde. (Photo c/o Dawn Austin)

Time to shop! This pretty #3 wears "Suburban Shopper", and because they hadn't invented cell phones yet, she had to take along her pink dial phone! 

When the weather turns warm, you need this little sun dress to keep cool! "Cotton Casual" is modeled by #3 Brunette with brown eyeliner.

Next we have a stunning #3 Brunette, definitely staying cool and showing off her legs in "Resort Set"--completed by her little gold charm bracelet.

And speaking of cool, this #3 Blonde with blue eyeliner stays out of the heat in her oh-so-feminine light pink dress with petticoat and big straw hat--"Plantation Belle". Barbie is wearing the TM version.

How about a fabulous #4 Brunette in a fabulous ensemble, "Commuter Set"? She wears the silk blouse beneath her navy "Chanel" style suit and incredible red flower hat, but the suit also includes a casual blue blouse. Just in case she takes off the hat, she has the original box to put it in! 

How about when our commuter goes more casual? Here is Summer's fabulous #3 Blonde in the ensemble, but wearing the blue checked blouse! (Photo c/o Summer) 

Back to the boudoir, where this Blonde #1 slips on the 1959 PINK version of "Sweet Dreams" ...

Another #4 Brunette, all-original, in "Apple Print Sheath"; there were lighter and darker, more or less saturated versions of this darling "Mad Men" dress! (Joan would wear this really well, take a look here.)

When she goes to work for American Airlines, here's what she wears. You can see one of her colleagues from 1959 here!

...And Fashion Designers are always "Busy Gals"! 

 Here is an amazing #4 ...splendiferous in Evening Splendour!

 ...And for something not ENTIRELY different, how about this Hand-Painted #1 in a rare early variation of Evening Splendour! Compare to the one above!

 ***glitch! Photo coming!***

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