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Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

* Background Music: "Tiny Bubbles" ~ Don Ho *

1961 and 1962 saw the advent of the bouffant hairstyle, and so, the beautiful Bubblecut Barbies were created. Here they are in their fashion finery!

Two Blondes (Gold 1962 and Ash 1964) in their Pak "Campus Belle" silk frocks.

Two lovely Bubbles, a Brownette (now belonging to Tama) in the Pink "Knitting Pretty" and White Ginger in the Blue version, are confused because they didn't read the "How to Knit" book. But they LOOK good!!

Next in line is a perky and oh-so-cute 1961-2 Raven black-haired Bubble with a flawless face! She wears the rare "Best Bow" dress that was patterned after the blue-and-red plaid "Beau Time" outfit. Mattel used up its extra materials to make these darling dresses. "Best Bow" came in at least six different combos of fabric, this one being the rarest, having the "Gay Parisienne" midnight blue silk used in the skirt.

How about a Blonde in another "Best Bow" Variation? Here is a lovely Mint 1962 Ash Blonde Bubble ready to stroll the avenue in her pert little frock.

...And how about the rarest Bubblecut of them all, the elusive Brownette, in a third variation of "Best Bow", the one with the "Allen" beach jacket for the skirt?

Remember how fresh and pretty Doris Day was as a Hollywood ingenue? Here we have fresh-as-a-daisy White Ginger 1961 Bubble in "Suburban Shopper".

After a morning of shopping, it's tea time! Here is my pretty Titian Bubble in "Invitation to Tea", a smart pink satin-and-chiffon jumpsuit with silver lame tabbard and metallic belt! ready to pour...

Cubby's amazing Brownette Bubble wears the classic "Cruise Stripes" well! (photo c/o cubby)

THE classic outfit on a Classic gal--"Red Flare" modeled by Jackie wannabe Raven Bubble.

Here is a pretty Side-Part Pale Blonde Bubble in the Color Magic dress.

She also looks absolutely enchanting in the very rare Japanese exclusive "Cherry Blossom" kimono.

A rare and lovely outfit that is hard to find in good condition, "Modern Art", modeled by a 1962 White


When Saturday evening comes around, it's time again to put on the finery and "come out"! Here is a stunning all-original 1962 Redhead with watermelon pink lips wearing the 1964 "Debutante Ball"--a rather rare outfit with delicate aqua satin gown with chiffon overlay, and white fur stole that ties with aqua chiffon sash. Check this lovely ensemble out also on Marina's lovely SPAG on the "Swirls and Girls" page!

How about a rarer-than-hens-teeth Titian Pink-Skin SP Bubble modeling the Sears "Pink Formal"

(Tickled Pink)?

And for an oh-so-exclusive private party in Paris, this White Ginger Bubble wears Sylvia Campbell's

recreation of "Atelier Fest".

 Some evenings are meant for romantic candlelit dinners with Ken (or whomever). Here is a sassy Brownette Bubblecut wearing "Dinner at Eight", a burnt orange silk jumpsuit with a gold metallic overdress. An iconic fashion! On the right, yet another sassy Brownette in Cotton Casual.  

Another choice for a fabulous evening at home is "Mood for Music", a soft blue stunner of an ensemble with velvet pant, white halter top and blue cardigan with a big white angora collar--modeled so finely by this Platinum 1963 Bubble! She has huge hair. (I have had this girl since my childhood--it was the rediscovery of her in an old trunk that got me started on collecting.)

Here is cubby's lovely Titian in a classic ensemble, "Theater Date" the totally perfect outfit for a redhead! (Photo courtesy of cubby)

This gal decided to dress up in her evening finery, the beautiful Pak Pink satin glitter set with white satin off-shoulder top.

...And just to show it works great when the room gets warm...

Next is my amazing White Ginger in her blue cotton Pak set!

Here is Time Traveler's gorgeous Titian Bubblecut looking like a million dollars in "Let's Dance" ("Swingin' Easy" in Blue)--a classic, with that wonderful drop-pearl necklace! (Photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

...Or for a casual day shopping, she wears her fabulous separates, the Pak print set. That pink purse really sets it off! (Photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

Next, a beautiful duo of Bubbles, one ready for the malt shop and one all business! Summer's gorgeous Titian wears "Friday Night Date" and fab Raven is all decked out in "Career girl"! (Photo c/o Summer)

My lovely White Ginger in Garden Party... 

Next is a pretty Brunette Bubble with white lips, "After Five"...

"Oh no, I'm not going IN the pool, my wrist tag will get ruined!" Lovely White Ginger Bubble models the classic Zebra Swimsuit.

The evening can't be complete without this Sophisticated Lady! Platinum Bubble wears the set, a magnificent rose silk gown with silver lace trim, deep magenta overcoat, topped off with glittering tiara.

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