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Runway 2: 1960 to 1963

 * Background Music: "Someone to Watch Over Me" ~ Dinah Shore *

New Fashions, New Dolls!  

The 60's saw some changes in Barbie and lots of new fashions. Here is my drop-dead gorgeous #3 Brunette in the newer variation on Evening Splendour, known as "Golden Elegance". (She hates wearing

her hat, so she left it off.)

 Next is Jerald's spectacular #2 Blonde wearing the slinky "Solo in the Spotlight". Mattel didn't seem to worry much about the disconnect between Barbie as the "teenaged fashion model" and her wardrobe that seemed to indicate she could be anything, including a tres sexy torch singer. The height in sophisticated fashion, check out an inspiration for this gorgeous gownhere.

This amazing outfit consists of a black glitter gown with a tulle flounce at the bottom, set off by a red rose. She has her microphone and pink chiffon scarf, and black opera gloves and crystal necklace to set it all off.

(Photo of amazing Blonde c/o Jerald)

How about a slightly more "teenaged" look with Titian #5 Ponytail doll in the gorgeous "Senior Prom", a vivid green satin gown with blue and green tulle panels.

...Or perhaps the most beautiful evening gown of the series, the sophisticated "Enchanted Evening" worn by this Mint #5 Brunette! Her powder-pink satin gown has a long side train held by three tiny crystal beads, and she completes the look with a white fur stole, gloves and pearl necklace.   

This amazing #3 Brunette is supposed to be a Mattel "Salesman's Sample" in a unique Enchanted Evening gown festooned with feathers! (She has a box marked "SAMPLE" but the string holding her in is broken, so she can come out for a moment.) The gown is also tacked in the back in two places such that the train can only fall behind the doll rather than at the side or front. 

More interesting info on this: many collectors feel the Samples were faked by adding to the after-market outfits. If so, this gown is consistent with a very rare Japanese Exclusive gown, as (even if someone added the feathers) the fabric is heavier and a slightly deeper pink than the standard one. It is vintage and does have the Mattel tag.  

From the Oscars to Oscar Creek, now we have Sandy's darling Redhead #6 Ponytail in "Picnic Set" with the catch o' the day! (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

How about a Winter Holiday? Below is a lovely #3 Blonde in this cool outfit.

Here's my minty 1962 Raven Brunette #5/#6 Ponytail with watermelon lips, wearing the darling and iconic "Friday Night Date", and offering you that orange soda!

Next is cubby's darling Blonde #3 looking divine in a rare pink variation of the Polka-Dot Pak Sheath! (Photo courtesy of cubby)

How about more Enchanted Evenings? Three variations! Left, #4 in the standard one, middle, #1 in variation with white rose, and #3 in "Sample" (JE?) gown.

Gorgeous #4 Blonde in her black Pak sheath!

Omigod, a Titian #5 looks amazing in everything! Here is Dawn's lovely gal in the very sophisticated "Midnight Blue" (photo c/o Dawn Austin)

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