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There is nothing more valuable to a collector than a doll who is MINT IN BOX. But somehow it always seems sort of a shame, as the poor little thing has never had a chance to be played with or dressed up as she was meant to be! But hothouse flower that she is, if one of these girls can be snagged, it is a dream! 

Here is a Mint in Box Platinum Bubblecut. She is actually unusual, as she seems to be a hybrid! She has the "Barbie-only" butt cheek markings of a 1961 or 1962 doll, and she came in an early undated 1962 box. She has an intact wrist tag, never removed. Her face is the narrower one that goes on the small neck knob of the Barbie body, and she has turquoise eyes, which the White Ginger (1961) had, but not the Platinum from 1963 on! Her hair is the "bigger" hair and not the tight bubblecut. Her nails are the coral of the 1963-and-on dolls.  

 So...What have we here? A White Ginger/Platinum Transitional - probably made in 1962, with a leftover Barbie body but newer limbs with coral nails, boxed and sold in 1962 when the new boxes were just out and not yet dated. Box is marked "Platinum" and not "White Ginger" (No boxes from 1962 on said WG.)  

Anyway, she is GORGEOUS!

Check out colormagickid's incredible 1961 Titian Bubblecut, MIB! her box has the older cardboard neck-holder. (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 Another of colormagickid's glorious MIB (this one NRFB) gals! What a beautiful Ash Blonde #6 Ponytail! (photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Jealous of colormagickid's Ash Blonde above, I had to go get one too! :)

Colormagickid has scored again, with this Brunette #3 who has not faded, and retains her lovely peachy skin tone! Truly a rarity, and Mint-in-Box!! (photo c/o colormagickid)

Next is one of my prize girls, this Mint #3 Blonde with perfect hair in original hard curl, and the darkest chocolate eyeliner and royal blue eyes. (She has now gone to live with Barbiefanatic, but tells me she is very happy. :) )

My #5 Mint Titian Ponytail:

This lovely #4 Blonde Ponytail is MINTY! Her box is missing the original liner but I think she is gorgeous enough to call Mint-in-Box! Check the factory blush!*

*I later have learned that this one has a rare painted face! For some reason, Mattel made some #4's with painted complexions. When I looked under magnification, this gal has a teensy bit of paint missing from the tip of her nose. :)

In all her glory...

Here is a gorgeous early 1961 Raven Bubblecut NRFB (or at least MIB!)

Her face is the oily variety, but she is still fabbo!

Check out the pink-and-gold wrist tag! I believe these are quite rare. From what I have learned, they came on a few of the later #4's and early #5 Ponytails, and early 1961 Bubbles. This gal's tag appears to be still sealed on the wrist.  

Below is a pretty lemon Blonde #6 Ponytail from 1963.  

Pale Blonde American Girl, Mint! She was my first AG in box.

Here is a pretty Platinum 1963 Bubblecut, Mint in Box. Her hair has oxidized a bit but is still bright and lovely! And check out those pink lips!

Here is my MIB White Ginger Bubble. Interestingly, she has blue eyes rather than turquoise.

My lovely Ash Blonde Swirl. Her original head cello is at her feet, because I couldn't bear to hide her gorgeous head behind it! Those LIPS are original!

How about Mint-in-PINK Box? Here is my #3 Brunette in her VHTF "Resort Set" Pink Silhouette Box.

Colormagickid's Titian MIB Bubble is gorgeous, and I got jealous here is my Titian Bubble! :) --Another rare pink-and-gold wrist tag--amazing.

Another Ravishing Raven Bubble, MIB, with the rare pink/gold tag--lucky Jamie! (Photo c/o Jamie)

How about another MIB White Ginger? This incredible girl belongs to Marina. (photo c/o Marina)

                   And here is one who qualifies for both RARE and MIB--This lovely Brownette Bubblecut!

Next is a lovely 1963 Redhead Bubblecut with those pretty little rosebud lips!

Now for something special! My Raven Brunette Bend-Leg Bubblecut has an American Girl face, and her box is stamped "Brunette Bubble".

Next, a Platinum SP BL Bubble, scrumptious!! :)

Speaking of platinum, how about the most fab Platinum Swirl Pony you've laid eyes on? Does this one qualify?

And if you didn't get enough, here's one more Pink Silhouette Box: Wedding Day Set with this beautiful Blonde #3. Note the width of the box! This amazing doll now belongs to BarbieFever.

She is fabulous...

Interesting--the end flap sticker has Barbie R, while the box itself has TM! And...the cardboard insert is still there for a #1 stand, but was NEVER used--Look, the holes are not punched out! I am thinking Mattel had the box left over and ended up putting a #3 in it!

This amazing MIB Titian Standard Barbie has very bright copper-red hair! They supposedly did not come with this hair color, so she may have oxidized from brownette originally!

What about Ken? Here is a handsome MIB Brunette 1961 flocked Ken...

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