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OK, that's funny! Captions

Sometimes our photos of our beloved Barbies come out so great they just beg for a good caption, don't they?

Please feel free to suggest some captions for photos or remind me if you have some good ones for this page! 

"It's my agent...Act sophisticated, dear. "

"...So, nobody remembers why we called this meeting?"

"OK, I promise to give you one more kiss, if you'll wish REALLY hard to turn back into Ken!"

"You mean NONE of us can read this subway directory?"

"Hey! Whose hand was that?" (photo of the "Apache Dancers c/o cubby)

"Uh-oh, I think we just knit the sweater to the sofa."

"Well, I heard she was dating two Kens at the same time!"

(photo c/o Tama)

"Would someone please tell me why I'm standing here balancing this ball?" (photo c/o Jamie)

"Oh, I wish I'd never HEARD the word NRFB..."

Look, is that the Tarleton Twins? Quick, pinch your cheeks!

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall...How much do I hate that #1 doll?" (Spoken like a jealous #2...)

"I wonder how many more photos they want? My butt is KILLING me."

"Oh, did you misunderstand, dear? I said we were going to the OSCARS, not Nascar!" 

"Girls, girls...tell you what, you can SHARE me!" (photo c/o Sandy Mann)

"He never loved you dear...face it, I'm famous." (photo mine / caption c/o BarbieFever)

Wait, don't jump right up...he'll think you're TOO excited to see him!

"There, there, Ken honey...maybe Mattel will make green beer NEXT year." (photo c/o cubby)

 "OK, girls, here's the plan: I'm going for Ken, and you two can go for Ken and Ken."

"I dunno, what planet are YOU on?" (photo c/o colormagickid)

 "You don't really think I believe that, do you?" (Brownette Bubble Photo c/o colormagickid)

"Snow skiing in Vermont? I thought you said we were going sightseeing in Monte CARLO!"

*glitch! Photo coming!*

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... "

 "What the--Hey, your YKK zipper is stuck to mine!"

 So, Ken...did you really think I wouldn't discover your true colors?

"Keep the helmet on, I think someone's coming!"

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