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Little Theater

Barbie's "Little Theater" ensembles were sold separately or with the whole theater shebang. They were fabulous sets that both Barbie and Ken could wear to become fictional characters! (Wait, weren't they fictional anyway? :)

 (Background Photo Courtesy of Cubby)

Cinderella's entrance to the ball...

The prince is instantly captivated, and ...the shoe fits! It's party time!!! (Followed by true love, of course!)

 Scheherazade Barbie works her spell on Sultan (?Aladdin) Ken! (Photo c/o Sandy Mann)

Beautiful #4 Barbie is the perfect Scheherazade...(Photo c/o Sandy Mann)

But wait, Cinderella will now be played by Sandy's two fabulous brunettes! Poor AND rich! (photo c/o Sandy Mann) 

Little Red Riding Hood looks a little bit concerned as she makes her way through this enchanted forest. (Photo of incredible #1 BlondePonytail c/o Dawn Austin)

My...what big TEETH you have! Red Riding Hood is a little puzzled by the appearance of Grandma! (Photo c/o cubby)

...Oh, where is my King Arthur? My OOAK #3 is a most beautiful Guinevere... 

Finally, back from hunting the Holy Grail! (no, didn't find it yet..)

 ...Keep your helmet on, I hear someone coming!

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