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Finally, her own page! It just seemed time to give Midge a little spotlight...after all, she has stuck by Barbie all these years! And she is way cuter than people give her credit for!

(Background photo courtesy of cubby)

Below, a trio of Marvy Midges! Blonde, Brunette & Titian (photo c/o cubby) ~ Note they are each in the swimsuit they originally came in.

Midge was "born" in 1963, as Barbie's BFF! She had to be a little less glam than sultry and beautiful Barbie, of course. And some of the earliest Midges look just a little bit crazy, with googly eyes and those big freckles. Some had teeth, but Mattel discontinued those. The earlier ones had their hair in a shorter flip. Midge's hair came in a sandy blonde, brunette and redhead.

Below is my Blonde Midge as she came in her original box. She wore a two-piece swimsuit that was a different color combo depending on her hair color. She came with white open-toe shoes. 

Midge had the same body as Barbie (now with the "Midge" mark on the butt cheek) so she could wear all the same clothes. This pretty Brunette Midge looks lovely in "Sorority Meeting" (photo c/o Sandy Mann)

 Mattel made little changes here and there in Midge's face and hair as they went. The earlier ones had bigger freckles and shorter flips, for example. Some changes are more subtle. Yvette's two darling Midges have slightly different faces! The Brunette has lighter brown eyeliner, and different brows. Yvette was interested to know which doll might be the earlier and which the later. Does anyone know? (photo c/o Yvette)

Next is a close-up of the above Brunette--a very pretty Midge indeed! Note the light brown eyeliner. (Photo c/o Yvette)

Here's another gal with lighter eyeliner.  

Next is my gal, a nice all-original Titian with a hint of the googly eyes, but I love her hair, and her lips are fuller than most.

Below is my pair of cute Midges, Blonde and Titian, in their boxes.

Now, for something entirely different, here is colormagickid's rare Freckle-less Midge! These had longer hair as a rule. I think she is extremely lovely! (photo c/o colormagickid)

Below is the same Trio of Terrific Midges as you see at the top of

 page, showing beautifully the three hair colors! (photo c/o cubby)

When bend-Leg (American Girl) Barbie came out in 1965, Midge got bendable legs too, and a new pageboy hairdo! Here is a beautiful Titian in Fashion Luncheon (Photo c/o Sandy Mann)

A new hair color for Bend-leg Midge was Brownette.

(glitch--photo coming!)

Don't be too afraid of the next pic, the "Floating Head of Midge"! She came as a disembodied head with molded hair similar to the Fashion Queen Barbie, in 1964-5. her wigs were kind of odd-looking. (photo c/o Doll Reference Guide)

Just to show how beautiful Molded-Hair Midge could be if she had a makeover, here is Jeez Louise's stunning OOAK Fashion Queen Midge! (Photo c/o jeezouise)

Below is a pic of the very rare "New Midge" who came out in 1965-6 --a Japanese exclusive with molded hair, wigs, and BROWN eyes! Lucky is the collector who can snag her! (photo c/o Doll Reference Guide )

Midge's boyfriend was Allan. Here Allan gets into a spot of trouble as he forgot he asked two Midges for a date on the same day! (photo c/o Sandy Mann)

  It must be that Brunette Midge won out over redhead Midge, because Sandy's title to this photo said Redhead Midge may have had a little too much to drink (we all sometimes have that glassy-eyed look, don't we?)! (photo c/o Mandy Mann)

...But look who graduated! (photo c/o Sandy Mann)

And...Look how beautiful Midge can really be! Allan is enchanted by his lady in her amazing party dress! (photo c/o Yvette)

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