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MOD Barbie Doll ID Guide

...So your barbie doll didn't fit any description in the Vintage Barbie ID Guide? Well, maybe she is a Mod Barbie (1967 - 72)! Check out the pics and descriptions below:

(Please excuse--this page is a work in progress!) 

Twist 'n Turn Barbie (TnT) 1967-71

 My Titian TnT wearing "Intrigue" (she was likely a "Summer Sand" shade of blonde but oxidized to this carrot-top red!)

In 1967, Mattel totally changed the face mold for Barbie, to make her a bit younger-looking. She had blue eyes with new rooted eyelashes, bright hot pink lips, and blush. Her eyeliner was a light beige, but a few rare ones had BLUE! (see below)

Her hairstyle was now long and straight, with the front strands pulled up and tied in a pretty ribbon. Her new body had a special twist/turn waist that allowed her to pose in more lifelike ways, and look oh-so- BOSS in her new fashions!

ABOVE: Eggplant (Oxidized Chocolate BonBon) TnT- (Photo c/o Tama)

RIGHT: Pale Blonde (Sunkist) Tnt wearing Japanese Exclusive outfit (photo c/o Marina)

The color of her vinyl became a more peachy pink tone. Her new butt cheek mark read: © ©

© 1966 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat. Pend. Made In Japan

***Please Note! Many, many Mattel Barbies from this point had "1966" marks (although not the "Made in Japan" mark) no matter what year they were made!***

This is a source of constant confusion for those who have found or inherited a Barbie doll with the 1966 mark. They always believe it is the year the doll was made (easy mistake), and often the doll could have been made in the 1990's!

The two lovelies below belong to cubby. Left one has unusual lilac blonde hair that likely oxidized from Sunkist (Pale Blonde) or Summer Sand (Ash Blonde). Girl on the right appears to be a normal Sunkist Blonde. 

These TnT girls had a variety of hair colors, from Platinum to Coco to dark Brunette -- But they did NOT come in red! But perhaps somehow, some way, because we love redheads, over the years some of them (said to be the ones with a more wiry type of hair fiber) oxidized to really cool and interesting shades of red, eggplant, lilac and others!

A gorgeous redhead (Titian) (Photo c/o colormagickid)

 A few of these girls were made with blue eyeliner. it's said they were the ones in the "Beautiful Blues" giftset, but I owned one (see pic!) who came in the Trade-In Box. Mattel offered a great deal to kids who wanted to get the NEW Barbie doll. if they traded their old one, they could get this TnT. She came in a hot pink box.

Below: Trade-In TnT with GoGo CoCo (Brownette) hair and blue eyeliner.

And Below: Gorgeous Sunkist  Blonde with Blue Eyeliner in "Beautiful Blues"(Photo c/o Jamie)

NOW! In 1969-71, Mattel decided to change the hairstyle again to the so-called "Marlo Flip" (after Marlo Thomas who was very popular and starring in the TV show "That Girl")--hair still came in the usual shades, and the face was the same. She had a pert little flip and a cute curl in the middle of her forehead. To my knowledge these did not usually oxidize to different shades.

Lovely Marlo Flip Brunette (Photo c/o colormagickid)

Standard Barbie 1967-71

Also in 1967, Mattel produced a "cheaper" version of the TnT now called "Standard Barbie". This doll had the same face and hair, but no rooted eyelashes. Hair colors were the same as the TnT. Her skin tone was the same new pinky one. Her body, however, had NO twist mechanism, and she had straight legs. Her butt cheek mark was the old "Midge/Barbie" one (obviously they used that mold, but with the new vinyl). Interestingly, some of these are now more valuable than the TnT! For example, my Bright Copper (probably oxidized Brownette) Standard you see above is a rarity--not only Mint-in-Box, but the hair is just amazing! Note the absence of rooted eyelashes.

Talking Barbie 1968-71

In 1968 Mattel decided to get into the talking doll craze and produced "Talking Barbie". She had the same head mold as TnT Barbie, with rooted eyelashes, but a new hairstyle--a side ponytail tied with three pink ribbons. She had a new body with a pull string behind the neck, a speaker for the mechanism on her back, and new markings:

(c) 1967

Mattel, Inc.

U.S. & Foreign



(Later ones had Hong Kong instead of Mexico)

The beautiful doll above belongs to colormagickid, and was sold as a Gift Set--"Dinner Dazzle".(Photo c/o colormagickid) 

Hair colors came in Blonde, Redhead and Brunette. In 1970, she had a new hairstyle, the Nape Curl, but same face. In 1971 there was a variation with a Stacey face! Lips were bright pink to red shades. This doll had new separated fingers and hands in a slightly different position. Her legs tended to pop out easily!

(Photos c/o of Fashion Doll Guide)

Left and Right: Nape Curl Talking Barbie

Below Left: Talking Barbie 1971 with Stacey face mold

 These girls said several phrases like "I have a date to the party", that sort of stuff. Nearly all of them now will be found mute, but they can be repaired to talk! 

Hair Fair Barbie 1967-72

Above beauties' photo c/o cubby!

In 1967-72 Mattel decided that new Barbie would look great in a short bob hairstyle, so they sold "Hair Fair" Barbie as disembodied heads with hair pieces. They were meant to be put on TnT, Talking or standard bodies. They had the TnT face with rooted lashes, and came in Brunette or Blonde. In 1974, they re-issued her with center-glancing eyes.

Blonde HF Barbie (Photo c/o cubby)

Hair Happenin's Barbie 1971

More hair play! Produced only in 1971, the Hair Happenins Barbie doll is a rarity today. She resembles the Hair Fairs, but came as a whole doll with TnT face (centered eyes) and body, with three hair pieces. She came only as a redhead! Her bob hairdo looked much like the Hair Fairs, but with no bangs.

Photos c/o Doll Reference Guide

Still no luck?

If you still can't seem to find your doll, she might be a friend or family of Barbie (Midge, Stacey, Casey, Francie, Steffie, etc). Check my Friends and Family page

Barbie with Growin' Pretty Hair 1970-71

Hair play was very popular, and Mattel produced this doll with a strand of hair that could be made shorter or longer (Tressy was also a non-Mattel doll of this kind). She also had hair pieces that came with her. She had the TnT face with rooted lashes and pink lips. I think this was an especially pretty doll, with the gorgeous tendrils of hair around her face! 

Beautiful Growin' Pretty Hair Barbie (Photo c/o Jose)

Growin' Pretty Hair Barbie had these markings:

© 1967 Mattel, Inc.

U.S. Patented

Other Patents Pending

Patented in Canada 1967


( Photo on left c/o Fashion Doll Guide )

More MOD Barbie Dolls such as Living Barbie and Walking Barbie were produced between 1970 and 72, and more info can be found at Doll Reference Guide

...Still no luck?

If you still have not found your doll, please check also my Friends and Family page. She could be Stacey, Casey, Francie, Midge, Skipper...

If you are still in the dark, please feel free to CONTACT ME here, and I will be happy to help you if I can! 

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