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Theme and Variations

A Blonde Ponytail's a Blonde Ponytail, and a Brunette Bubble's a Brunette Bubble...but wait a minute, check out the girls! Not ONE looks just like the other! This page is devoted to showing the individuality of these amazing girls!  

*** Background music: Mozart Piano Concerto no. 17 in G Major, K453 ~ 3rd movement, "Theme and Variations". Pianist, Teresa :) ***

THE DIVAS: #1 and 2 's

 Six #1 Blondes:

Top Left: Early Hand-Painted girl, first wave--witchy!

Top Right: (c/o colormagickid): Tons of bangs! Peachy skin--sassy!

Middle Left (c/o Monica): Pinky skin, huge lips, hand-painted--second wave! A little disdainful, no? :)

Middle Right (my girl): Untouched peachy skin tones! Flirty.

Bottom Left: Tama's Fab Blonde--Pouty!

Bottom Right: 2nd Wave Hand-Painted gal--wicked.


 Two Brunettes:

Left: My hand-painted #1 (second wave)--Brush strokes visible in her brows, and her irises are outlined all the way around.

Right: Stenciled #2-- pale face, lovely black brows.


Here are some gorgeous #3 Blondes! Each one has her own look, but all are movie-star fabulous. These are the brown eyeliner gals:

Immediate Right: c/o Sandy Mann-- Glamour personified!

Below Left: c/o Marina--Innocence?

Below Right: This gal has very dark brown liner.

Bottom Left: c/o cubby--shy and pouty!

Bottom Right: My girl has tons of blush.

...And a lone blue eyelinerblonde beauty--

My pretty blonde with pink complexion and scarlet lips!

Brunette #3's are Bedazzling!

Brunettes also came with either brown or blue eyeliner.

Right: c/o Marina--Look at those lips! Lovely peachy face...

Below Left: my very pale Brunette

Below Right: brunettes with brown eyeliner usually had orange-red lips, but sometimes had scarlet lips like all the blue eyeliner ones!

Check out this amazing gal on the left--very little fading of her peachy complexion, and the darkest brown eyeliner I have ever seen! Her eyes are very deep blue, and she has vivid red lips!

Next: Some lovely blue-eyeliner Barbies!

Left: c/o cubby--Thoughtful girl...

Right: c/o Marina--Pale, serene beauty!

My girl: Tons of blush...       ..And pretty pink complexion!


Some of the most beautiful gals EVER! Check out these fabulous Blondes and Brunettes.

Left: c/o colormagickid - Mint Blonde looking amazing in GP!

Below Left: c/o Sandy Mann - Stunner!

Below Right: My blushing beauty

Two Brunettes, both all-original--left girl has HUGE lips, girl on right has a painted face!


No more exclusively Blonde or Brunette, the Titians are coming too!

 Below are two #5 Titian Ponytails. They both have those amazing Lucy Lips, but the girl on the left has turquoise eyes, and the one on right, blue!  

Below, Left: Blonde with factory braid

Below Right: c/o cubby - Blonde #5 who seems to be looking straight ahead

Right: #5 Blonde with a ton of teeny curly bangs! 

Below Left: Tama's Brunette #5 - Don't you love those Lucy lips? Below Right: Late #5/early #6 has watermelon pink lips.


Two MIB/NMIB #6 Blonde Pony's with different looks!

Left: c/o colormagickid - lovely gal with coral lips

Right: My former gal whose lips were fading to buttery yellow

Below - c/o Sandy Mann, are her two lovely #6's

Blonde on left, Titian on right


In 1965 the beautiful Swirl Ponytails came out. Here are some of the finest! Below are two rare European Pale Blonde Swirls.

Below left: c/o Marina - Fabulous! Below Right: my Euro-Swirl

For contrast, below is my Platinum Swirl:

Two lovely Lemon Swirls:

   Left: c/o cubby                     Right:c/o Sandy Mann

Below left: c/o colormagickid - gorgeous Ash Blonde

Below right: my Titian

Below: Two fab Brunettes!

Left: c/o colormagickid          Right: c/o cubby


So many Bubbles, so little time! Here are some amazing ones.


Below left: c/o Sandy Mann Below right: my girl  

 Below left: c/o colormagickid        Below right: c/o cubby

Below: Ash/Gold Bubbles 1962  

Below: Both beauties c/o Marina . Left appears to be a 1962 Ash Blonde with watermelon lips, Right is an Ash blonde Side-Part.

The WHITE GINGERS (1961-2):

Top Left and bottom: my WG's Top Right: c/o colormagickid


Below: Four pretty Titians in their finest.

Left: c/o colormagickid             Right: my 1962 gal

Below left: My 1961 Titian        Right: cubby's counterpart


They look a little bored, don't they?

Left: c/o colormagickid              Right: My girl


Below: Two first-issue girls (1961-62)

Below L: '64 Brunette Below R: c/o colormagickid OOAK!

 Below: Two AMAZING Raven Brunettes, c/o colormagickid

Below L: Sandy Mann's beautiful Raven Bubble ~ R: My 1962 Raven with watermelon pink lips

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