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Let's not Forget Friends and Family!

Handsome First-Issue Ken in the Rare Business Appointment! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Ken can do it all, businessman to backyard barbecue...(Photo of cute blonde Ken c/o Yvette)

Oh no, Allen forgot he made dates with BOTH sisters! Incredibly cute Midges in Sorority Girl and Crisp 'n Cool, with Allen (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

Darling Titian (Color Magic?) Skipper all in pink! (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

Skipper goes blonde in her "Me and My Doll" outfit.

 Gorgeous OOAK Stacey in Pajama Pow! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Two beautiful Francie's --Brunette and Blonde, babysit their little cuz Tutti (Photo c/o Franscesca)

  Beautiful Titian Bend-Leg Midge in Fashion Luncheon (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

This Brownette Bend-Leg Midge wears her original hair ribbon!

 Barbie, Ken and Skipper, all ready to go on an outing! And as usual, Barbie wishes she had been born in the future so she could use a cell phone! Snoopy goes along too. (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

 ...And does this cute little guy (girl?) even have a name? Whose baby is he, anyway? :)

(Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

 Here are Ken, Allen, Skipper and Scooter having a lovely Christmas Eve! (Photo c/o Yvette)

Cousins admire a fab new car! Left to right - Malibu Francie, Blonde Francie, Black (AA) Francie, No-bangs Francie (Photo c/o Marina)

 Below: More Francies! Second issue AA Francie wears "Borderline", and her BFF Is Hair Happenin's Francie.

Pale Blonde and Dark Brunette Skippers max out on cuteness...

 Ken's "all tuckered out"...Aww, he looks so innocent! (Photo c/o cubby)

 Not a friend, but Barbie--and no, she shouldn't REALLY be on this page, but after the pic of Ken, I just HAD to put her here!(Photo c/o cubby)

Barbie as Guinevere is joined by Ken as the King!  

 How about ballerina Skipper performing with Doodles the Poodle? (Photo c/o Sandy Mann)

This Brunette flocked Ken is Mint-in-Box!

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