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Va Va Voom Blondes!

Glamour girls who could vie for Hollywood starlet-dom! 

Above: My beautiful #3 tried out for the role of Scarlett in this Halina's original!  

Above, Betty's Incredible #1--One of the most amazing you will see! (Photo c/o Betty)

Below: DIVA! An early hand-painted #1 Blonde...

OK, one more #1 Bombshell. Perfect peachy skin with blush! (Swoon)

This beautiful Blonde #3 has a bit of the blues today...

She loves the applause! All the guys carry the torch for this #5 Blonde!

And now for something entirely different...Fabulous Lilli Lalka by Julian Kalinowski, wearing a recreation of the vintage Lilli Beach outfit.

Now that you've seen Lalka, how about the original? Vintage Bild Lilli wears her "Home Suit"!

Here is a totally gorgeous White Ginger! She used to live with me, but was adopted by colormagickid. Check out those all-original LIPS! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Not to be outdone in the Blonde department is a pretty Lemon Blonde #6 Ponytail...

Marina's incredible Pale Blonde European Swirl--Note how her hair is definitely not lemon, and not typical Platinum, but this stunning in-between color! (Photo c/o Marina)

Compare Marina's Swirl with my Platinum Swirl below in "Wedding Wonder". The hair and lips are different!

Want Lemon Blonde? Here you go--this 1964 girl with a mega-bubble has an all-original face!

More than ready for that swimsuit competition is Sandy's amazing Fashion Queen channeling Grace Kelly. (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

A stunner! Jose's Pale Blonde High-Color AG in Black Magic! (photo c/o Jose)

Color Magics rarely came in Platinum, but when they did, you couldn't get much more "Blonde Bombshell! (My photo, but this girl now belongs to Jamie.)

Next is my drop-dead gorgeous and rare blonde Side-Part American Girl. Ingenue!

Which shade of Blonde do you like? THREE bodacious Blonde Bubbles! Left to right: Blonde early 1962, Ash Blonde early 1962, and White Ginger.  

My high-color Fashion Queen can be a Blonde whenever she wants! (She won't smile for the birdie, however.)

 She does look pretty amazing in Shimmering Magic, but she still refuses to lose the attitude! 

My Lucky #4 shows off her new piano! 

This #4 cannot NOT look glam, even dressed down!

Below is my beautiful White Ginger who had makeup rubs, and was retouched professionally with bright coral/pink lips! Should she be redone with the "correct" bubblegum pink? What do you think?

 Another Terrific Trio of Bubbles (Photo courtesy of cubby)

And now for something entirely different, cubby's pretty "Platinum Pearl" T&T--sometimes these girls' hair oxidized to a kind of pinkish-silver color way cooler than the original! These are rare!

This Platinum Color Magic looks fab in "Glimmer Glamour"!

colormagickid's gal titled "Susannah out on the town" is a stunning #4 Blonde. (photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 How about another FAB White Ginger! Check out those amazing deep turquoise blue eyes! (Photo c/o Jose) 

Considering how pretty in pink a White Ginger is, how about this WG in "Atelier Fest" (Campell version)?

Monica's gorgeous hand-painted #1 Blonde is a hothouse flower in her original box. (Photo c/o Monica)

Here is my lovely all-original Blonde 1961 Bubblecut with factory blush!

 Check out the next two babes, my Euro-Swirl in "Black Magic" and her American sister Blonde Swirl in original Sylvia Campbell's white variation!

How about a pretty Ash Blonde Bubble from 1962 with HUGE hair? 

 They say White Gingers all had small bubbles...Nope! (Rules were meant to be broken.)

How about the rule that White Ginger lips never turned white?

 ...To all my fans...

Below is another amazing All-Original hand-painted #1 Blonde diva! Those eyes, those eyes! 

From Friday night at the soda shoppe to the Grand Cotillion.

 ...Don't mind if I do...but why is it ALWAYS orange soda?

And the grand entrance!

Below is my pretty Blonde AG in a Campbell Original variation of "Best Bow" with hat.

 Grace Kelly, watch out...Sandy's glam Blonde Swirl in her finery! (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

...A lovely Platinum 1964 Bubble with full white lips... 

Next is a fabulous #3 Blonde with amazingly light blonde hair!

Here are two Blonde 1961 Bubbles who look quite different!

*glitch--photos to come!*

Here is a very beautiful Platinum (Pale Blonde) Side Part Bubble belonging to Marina. She has her original coral lip color, and her face is just gorgeous! (Photo c/o Marina)

My Minty White Ginger Bubble:

 Colormagickid's fabulous mint Blonde Bubble in the rare Sparkling Pink Glitter Set! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Here are two classic WG's together!

I am a WG fiend, so I managed to find this girl, who has just about the whitest hair I have EVER seen.  

My Wonderful and Va-Va-Voomiest Girl, Minty All-Original #4 Blonde Ponytail! Her blush is all original. :)

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