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Bewitching Brunettes!

It's totally a myth that Blondes have more fun! These beautiful Brunettes are just as fun, but retain that little hint of mystery!

 This incredible photo of Midnight Color Magic in "Hawaii" is c/o Dawn Austin.

Now take a look at this stunner in Sylvia Campbell's "Gala Abend". Long-Hair Silver Brunette American Girl.

A very pretty short-hair American Girl (Cyd Charisse? Look here!) in a rare variation swimsuit.

 Compare the above gal's face with the next one, a Brunette Bend-Leg Bubblecut!

 I once saw a very pale #3 called "Vampire Girl!"--Kinda fits...

...Check out the contrast here! This #3 has retained her peachy skin tones. She also has very dark brown eyeliner, deep blue eyes and a bit of factory blush!

Cant' ever get enough of #3's! Another stunning #3 with brown eyeliner and scarlet lips belonging to Jamie, resplendent in "Gay Parisienne" (Photo c/o Jamie)

Colormagickid's perfect 1961 Bubble (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

Cubby's "American Beauty", pretty Hair Fair (Photo courtesy of cubby)

Barbie Nirvana: Mint All-Original Brownette Bubble with factory blush!!! (And a reverse bubble, if you notice...:)

Gorgeous Silver-Brunette American Girl in her Sears Exclusive "Tickled Pink" (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

Sandy Mann's nothing less than AMAZING Raven Bubble (Photo from Sandy, courtesy of Heartwhisper)  

Pretty Midnight Side-Part American Girl being shy... 

Below is a gorgeous Brownette Side Part American Girl in the very boss "Disco Dater" !

Sandys' darling #6 has on her pink lipstick and is ready to work! (Now take your medicine...) ~ (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann) 

 When she isn't working, my pretty #3 Brunette with blue eyeliner goes sailing in "Resort Set"...

 There's another good place to wear white!...Radiant Brunette #3 on her wedding day... 

This glamorous #5 has turquoise eyes.

 Louise's incredible Midnight OOAK American Girl (Photo courtesy of Jeez Louise)

colormagickid's lovely Swirl (So hard to find these pretty gals in such wonderful condition!) ~ (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

A MIB/NRFB Raven Bubble! 

And you knew this #1 would show up again! (And in her negligee, no less.) Bewitched yet? 

Looking thoughtful is this beautiful pink-toned #3 Brunette with blue eyeliner.

Here is a Fudge Brunette Bubble who has light pink, nearly white lips!  

My two amazing #4's having a stroll on the boardwalk...

This Brownette Bubblecut has a softly lovely face.

A gorgeous #3 is even more gorgeous double! (photo c/o cubby) 

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