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Fiery Redheads!

It wasn't until 1961 that Mattel realized they needed to have some redheads in the mix! So they came out with the Titian Ponytail and the Titian Bubblecut (along with all the other Bubblecuts). Did you know that "Titian" was a word coined after the great Italian Renaissance painter by that name? He was famous for his rich red tones in his paintings. One of his famous paintings, "Flora", can be seen here.

Pretty Titian Bubbles all in a row!  

 This #5 Titian is the Belle of the Ball...

"Don't look now, but the Prince is eyeing you!" Two red-headed beauties in Senior Prom and Debutante Ball

 My pretty 1962 Titian Bubblecut just put on her watermelon lipstick...

Below, Marina's incredible Titian with ice-pink lips! (Photo c/o Marina)

 Cubby's lovely Titian Bubble ready for the Shamrock Ball (Photo courtesy of cubby)

Not to be outdone in the redhead department is my amazing Pink-Skin European SP Bubble...

Below, my lovely Titian TnT "Agent 99" thinks she is being followed!

Below is my minty Titian #5--very like the one at top, but her eyes are blue and the other one's are turquoise!

 Colormagickid's Mint-in-Box Titian First-Issue Bubble (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Jealous of colormagickid, I bought this amazing Mint 1961 Titian in Box!

Now check out this lovely NMIB 1963 Titian (now called "Redhead") Bubble! 

 Sandy's darling #6 Redhead Ponytail wins the prize catch! (photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

 Lovely redhead Swirl from 1964...

 Pretty in Pink! Sandy's BL Midge (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

Below is my cute Titian SL Midge...I tend to like the short flips.

 OK, so sometimes she wasn't originally a redhead! This OOAK #3 was a blonde until Mardie of "Heartwhisper" worked her magic on her! Now she's a gorgeous Guinevere...

 Sometimes a Redhead just happens naturally, as in this beautiful Titian TNT! Apparently these never came with red hair, some of them just turned red, becoming even more lovely than they originally were. (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

 Gorgeous Peachy-Titian American Girl in "On the Avenue" (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Below is my amazing titian with 1965 hair but high-color face! Go figure! Modeling Fashion Luncheon.

Here is a lovely Side-part Titian Bubble in "Floating Gardens".

 Time Traveler's fab Titian with huge bubble in "Let's Dance" (Photo courtesy of Time Traveler)

Check out the Lucy lips on this Coppery Titian 1961 Bubble...

This fabulous Ruby Red Color Magic poses as a Bond girl...

 Stacey has a cool carrot-top! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

Talk about fiery red! Julia wows Brad in her "Candlelight Capers" outfit. Julia came with black hair, but it often turned red over the years. She looks even better as a redhead! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid)

  And talk about hair with POW! This MIB Standard very likely had Brownette hair, and now she is a brilliant REDhead! 

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