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Cosmo Girls!

Barbie seriously gets around, for a teenaged fashion model! She has careers, she travels the globe, she is surrounded by luxe!

(Background photo of gorgeous CM in Hawaii c/o Dawn Austin)

Paris is THE center of High Fashion, darling. Don't you love this photo Ken took by the Seine?

 ..And the night life...! 

...And intermission is almost over at the Paris Opera!

(Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann, her beautiful #3 in a pic by Mardie of "Heartwhisper") 

Paris is nice, but if you can make it in New York...

Speaking of New York, my concert at Carnegie Hall is this evening...

...Oh dear, I hope our concerts are not on the same evening! (Photo of gorgeous Platinum Swirl harpist c/o cubby)

...Or how about being a starlet in L.A.!

Or, if your starring role is opposite James Bond, Diamonds are Forever, Darling!

(Photo courtesy of Cubby, gorgeous #3 from his collection)

Hello from Hong Kong! What locale could be more exciting and exotic? Two drop-dead gorgeous #4's are really there, in their Roman Holiday and Evening Splendour outfits! (Photo c/o Dawn Austin)

...Or are these two a couple of spies? (The one on the right looks like Agent 99.)

(Photo of two glamorous Mod Hair-Fairs courtesy of cubby)

On to Ireland, where St. Paddy's Day is celebrated in GREAT Style!

(Photo courtesy of Cubby)

It's party time in New Rochelle, too!

Now to Central Park--Winter in New York is such fun!

How 'bout some fun in Old Florida... and you can dress the part!

My Titian TnT visits an English village.

The best club in NYC features the most beautiful torch singers!

...Oh no sir, I don't take THAT kind of request!

Ooh La la, there's nothing like dancing the night away at a little coffee house in Paris...or is that gas light in New York, maybe somewhere in SoHo? (Photo courtesy of cubby)

In short there's really not a more congenial spot...than here in Camelot!

...And look, who should show up but the King!

Vacation Time! The outfit is perfect for a walk on Sanibel Island Beach at sunset. This is a pretty White Ginger-Platinum Transitional Bubblecut. (I took the pic of the sunset while vacationing in Sanibel.)

While we're talking beach, here is my Platinum Color Magic in her best sunny bunny mode!

...She's always thought "Psycho" was not her best movie, darling. For her movie poster, see here!

..And how about my "Girl of the Cosmos" , Forever #1 !

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