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Swirls and Girls

The 1964 Swirl Ponytails and 1965-66 American Girls hit the runway!

First is an all-original fiery Redhead Swirl Ponytail in "Holiday Dance", a gorgeous gold lame and white striped evening gown with brilliant orange sash.

This Beautiful Swirl is Pale Blonde, rare European Swirl. This hair color, somewhere between Platinum and Blonde, was only marketed in Europe. She wears the perfect outfit for her, "Black Magic", which was said to be Ruth Handler's favorite, as it was patterned after an outfit of hers. Check out the sexy strapless black sheath, set off by incredible black tulle cape! Little black gloves complete it nicely.

For contrast, next is my pretty Platinum Swirl in "Wedding Wonder" --a more mod ensemble, but it looks divine and oh-so-60's on a Swirl!

How'z about another redhead with amazing raspberry lips in "Golden Glory"!

Sandy's lovely Blonde Swirl models her bridesmaid outfit, Orange Blossom--and Skipper wears her matching outfit. (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)

cubby's beautiful Brunette Swirl picked up some Cokes and asks what's the number for Pizza Shack? Guess she never learned to cook! (photo courtesy of cubby)

Next, Dawn's scrumptious Titian Swirl in the lovely Orange Blossom ensemble. (photo c/o Dawn Austin)

 Tama's beautiful Brunette Swirl wears "Benefit Performance" well! (Photo c/o Tama)

Now some Amazing American Girls! (These girls could actually bend their knees as they walked down the runway, imagine that!)

First is a demure Brunette 1965 AG ready to begin boarding in the exceedingly rare "Pan Am" flight attendant ensemble. This was a gray-blue suit with pillbox hat, perky white blouse and black closed-toe heels. It was patterned exactly after the Pan Am stewardess outfits of the day, including the logo! (Check out the movie "Catch Me If You Can"! This gal was one of the swarm of beauties following Leo DiCaprio. You can see the photo here!

This Spectacular Cinnamon Long-Haired American Girl wears the ever-so-sophisticated "Matinee Fashion"! (Photo c/o Summer)

This Titian American Girl belonging to colormagickid is fabulous in "On the Avenue". And her hair and makeup are to-die-for! (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 

Another amazing redhead, Summer's lovely American Girl in "Dancing Doll" (photo c/o Summer)

Next is colormagickid's beautiful Cinnamon-haired AG in a very special and rare outfit, the Japanese version of "After Five".

Another working girl, ready to go to a Paris fashion show with her portfolio, Cinnamon long-haired 1966 all-original American Girl in the only non-vintage outfit in the collection, "Pilar in Paris", a Sylvia Campbell original. Fashioned of white silk, with faux leopard hat and stole, it is so beautiful and tailored so perfectly, who could resist? And of course she never leaves her beloved Fifi at home!

Sylvia Campbell also made this white version of "Black Magic", so here are both girls in all their splendor.

Dawn's amazing Blonde high-color AG looks totally ready for her Fashion Luncheon! (photo c/o Dawn)

My lovely Blonde rocks Music Center Matinee!

Ravishing Silver brunette AG in Gala Abend. This is a European Exclusive, but this one is a Sylvia Campbell recreation--a gorgeous one!

OK, don't faint! Jose's SPECTACULAR Japanese Side-Part frosted Blonde AG leads the pack in "Outdoor Life", followed by a no less spectacular Blonde long-hair AG in "Modern Art"! The lovely ponytails we'll have to describe elsewhere! (photo c/o Jose)

Jose has some of the most gorgeous dolls, and here's one--a lovely Blonde hi-color AG who is definitely Pretty as a Picture! (photo c/o Jose)

Hold onto your hat! Next you see two of the haughtiest creatures alive, a Silver-Brunette American Girl in Saturday Matinee, and an ultra-rare High Color Cinnamon Side Part AG in AtelierFest.

OK, how about a rare swimsuit on a very rare gal? Jamie's fabulous European pink-toned AG wears a rare one! (photo c/o Jamie)

Below, my Blonde AG consoles Froggie after his disappointing NON-transformation back into Ken! She is wearing a pretty Campbell variation on "Best Bow"

Jose's incredible Japanese Side-Part AG looks perfect in the Pak Blue Sheath! (photo c/o Jose)

Now for a more formal occasion, presenting Dawn's soft and spectacularly pretty Blonde AG in Golden Glory! (photo c/o Dawn Austin)

A honey-blonde American Girl in "Gold 'n Glamour" could easily stroll alongside the above lady and her pooch in the Paris fashion district!

I'm at the club,darling...cubby's lovely Pale Blonde in "Country Club Dance" (photo c/o cubby)

Next is Marina's amazing Brownette SPAG in "Debutante Ball" (Photo c/o Marina)

Below is my Lovely Brownette SPAG in "Disco Dater"--a Mod outfit, but it looks groovy on her!

One more "Benefit Performance", the rare and stunning Midnight Side-Part American Girl all ready for the opera.

This lovely Campbell recreation of "Japanese Hostess Set" is modeled to perfection by this pretty High Color Cinnamon American Girl, and rivaling her gorgeousness is my Blonde AG in Evening Gala.

Below is my lovely Titian AG in Fashion Luncheon.

The show continues! See the next page for The MODS!

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