Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP ~ Showing Their Best Face...

 My pretty Silver Brunette American Girl is so hi-color, her cheeks are burning! :)




One of the loveliest Bubblecuts I have had the pleasure of owning, this gal is a rare 1965  bend-leg Brunette!


My #3 Brunette with blue eyeliner and factory blush is  a vision of loveliness!



...Can we start the scene, it's dreadfully warm out here!  My movie-star gorgeous #4 Brunette means business!



Demure as she can be, this #3 Blonde Ponytail with blue eyeliner is the quintessential Southern Belle.



 Sultry Raven-haired siren, a #5 who is all-original and wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the most luxe evening wear.   Going to the Oscars, you know. (Check her out on the Runway, the gown is classic pink silk with side train.)



Here is an incredible White Ginger Bubblecut ready for a (posh) garden party.  


Innocent, yet sophisticated...this flaming 1962 Titian is one daring debutante! 




Here is the loveliest #4 Blonde I've seen, a stunner belonging to Sandy Mann.  (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)



How about this pretty OOAK White Ginger with amazing hair and retouched lips in coral?  Should I have her lips redone in bubblegum pink?




 Blondes are beautiful, but they don't get any lovelier than this all-original #4 high-color Brunette.  She has an eternal blush that Scarlett O'Hara would kill for. 



How 'bout a redhead? --This lovely carrot-top Titian TnT (maybe a blonde in her former life?) wears "Intrigue"  



Here's a Late #5/#6 All-Original Brunette Ponytail with lovely, full watermelon-pink lips! They made this lip color only in 1962, and you can see it on the Redhead Bubble above, too.




 By 1964, savvy redheads gave up their adorable bangs for a sophisticated "Joan Holloway" sort of sweep of hair across the forehead.  Check out Joan here!



 THE most glam Swirly Girl!  Sandy's lovely Blonde (Photo courtesy of Sandy Mann)


Sassy thing!  This 1961 Blonde with a factory braid has those LIPS.  




Speaking of sassy, the next four girls are the DIVAS of the bunch.  (They're always giving everyone those evil little sidelong glances.)  Presenting #1 Blonde...

 ...And #2 Brunette.  Alas, this one is jealous of #1, but does not appreciate her good fortune in not spending her life on feet with holes in them.  



Next is "Queen B", an early Hand-Painted #1 Blonde with "Lightning Bolt" brows, "Inverted B" irises, and amazing skin tones!



...This #1 Brunette is from the second wave of Hand-Painted gals.  She has a bit of factory blush, but is far more self-satisfied than she lets on.


Moving to 1961, here is a sassy Titian Bubblecut. (She appears to me to be looking at a girlfriend's new engagement ring and thinking it's cubic zirconia.)  



Or how about an A/O blonde bombshell with FAB smoky eyeshadow!



A truly beautiful soft Ash Blonde Bubble with Watermelon pink lips--stunner! (Photo c/o Jose)



 This mint-in-box Raven Brunette Bubble has the blues, but you would too if your neck were in a vise forever!  


 How about a haughty High-Color Fashion Queen in her new Platinum Beehive!


 This lovely 1962 Transitional White Ginger-Platinum Bubble is resplendent in her formal  finery.


Next is lovely Lilli Lalka looking very sassy!


Known for her deathly pallor, this #3 Brunette is auditioning for the role of Vampirella 1960.  


While we're at the movies, these next two #3 Blondes are the next starlet wannabes!





How about cubby's glamorous #3 Brunette with blue eyeliner in Gay Parisienne? (photo c/o cubby)



And for something entirely different, how about this #3 Blonde Ponytail who is still quite tan, and has the most incredible brown eyeliner and factory blush!  Haughty girl in her splendiferous outfit...


I Adore a #4...My Lovely All-Original Hi-Color Blonde who also retains tons of blush! 

 Speaking of blush, here is a Platinum Color Magic in all her high-color glory!



How about a Ruby Red Color Magic with low color?  She also has the light blue eyes that are more centered, sometimes called "snake eyes"! 


Here is colormagickid's stunning Cinnamon American Girl in the very rare and chic Shimmering Magic!  All the other girls are jealous of her hat. (Photo courtesy of colormagickid) 


Here's a pretty Gingery-Ash Blonde 1962 Bubble with big-hair! 

While we're talking mega-bubbles, below is a pretty 1964 Lemon Blonde, all-original.
How about another Bubblecut, Mint!  This Titian girl has turquoise eyes, but her eyeliner is almost white!
 Another Titian Bubble with nice Juicy Lucy Lips!
 Titians came (rarely!!!) with Pink Skin and Side-parts in Europe and Japan.
Jose's lovely Brunette  with pretty pink lips that match her "Arabian Nights" outfit...(photo c/o Jose)
Here is a glamorous Blonde 1961 Bubble in "Cinderella".

OK, we've had Cinderella, now how about Guinevere?  This is a OOAK created by Mardie of "Heartwhisper"from my #3 all-original who was perfect... except for no hair!
Below, my lovely Blonde Hi-Color AG
Next, a pretty Platinum 1963 Bubble ...


Here is a Platinum 1964 Bubble. She has the American Girl face, and pure White Lips!


Here's a pretty Brunette Bubble who also has original white lipstick!


 Who said a White Ginger couldn't have white lips?  Here's proof!  And this one has a reverse bubble too!



Check Out the lemony Blonde hair on the next gal, my Starlet of a #6 Ponytail. :)




Cinnamon hair and bright raspberry lips, all natural!  We should all be so lucky as this 1966 American Girl.  


 How about another OOAK--this spectacular Mae West wannabe by Julia, titled "Spring Luncheon"!



Quite the ingenue is this stunning Brunette Side Part American Girl, with peachy lips.


Next is my pretty Brownette Side Part AG, looking for all the world like the "Breck Girl"!


This incredible European Pink-Skin American Girl has hair the color of fine champagne! (Photo courtesy of Marina)



  "This hat cost more than you did, darling."  Honey Blonde American Girl is quite the fashion plate.


 Well, my hat's bigger than your hat!  Fashion Queen wears Shimmering Magic.


Lovely Titian  #5 Ponytail channeling Lucy.



And just for fun, how about this beautiful Brownette who has original eyebrows and smoky eyeshadow?



 ...And one last "Hollywood Gal", White Ginger/Platinum 1962 Bubble wishing she weren't stuck in her box for all eternity.


 Is it not interesting that every one of these girls looks different?  Despite head molds that differ little, and that ubiquitous left-leaning glance, they somehow take on personalities of their own.








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