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Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

Photo Gallery

Latest Weaknesses Latest Weaknesses TNT in Sylvia's Blue Sparkling Gown 201890442 Blushing AG 201890443 Sublimely Silvery 201890444 Pink-Skin AG in JE Red Sparkling Gown 201890445 Three ee's 201890446 This girl stands alone in splendor! 201890447 Pretty Ash AG 201890450 Gold and Ash Bubbles in Campue Belle 201890452 Elegance Embodied 201890453 Cutie Pie AA Francie 201890454 AA Francie 201890455 Francie-fied! 201890456 Lovely TNT in Blue 201890457 No-Bangs Blonde Francie! 202402944 Wild girl! :) 202402945 Two Hot Girls 202402946 Blonde in Gold Lame 202402947 5 3's! 202402948