Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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TWINS and Variations!

This page I have dedicated to Twins and variation outfits! 

***NOTE: This page is a work in progress! ***


Let's start with Marina's beautiful Bubbles in "Sleeping Pretty" - And let's just say, an INCREDIBLE find, the Japanese Pink version as well as the blue! (c/o Marina)


My two pretty #3's in the two variations of Plantation Belle.  The Brunette is wearing the less common variant lace.


Beautiful Brownette Bubble (now belonging to Tama!) and my White Ginger  wear the two Knitting Pretty variations!


Here are cubby's lovely Hair-Fair girls in the Suburban Shopper/Busy Morning variations!  So fresh and pretty! (photo c/o cubby)


 My two Platinums wear the classic Mood for Music--the one on right has the loose-knit sweater, the left one wears the tighter weave. 



Next we see two gorgeous Brunettes in the classic Silken Flame and its variation, Party Date! (Photo c/o Sandy Mann)


My two fabulous #3 Brunettes --one on the left is a Salesman's Sample and the right is wearing the usual Enchanted Evening!

How about the recently-discovered 1959 variation of Evening Splendour?  My #1 diva wears it, while the slightly jealous but beautiful #4 wears the standard version. 



OK, just because it's a Twins page doesn't mean triplets are not welcome!  Here are Jamie's fabulous Swirls in the 3 variants of "In the Swim"!  (photo c/o Yvette)



 Two Bubbles enjoy modeling a couple of the pretty Pak "Best Bow" variations in New York!


Blonde Bombshells in Black Magic and the Sylvia Campbell White variation!  Pale blonde Euro-Swirl on left, Lemon Swirl on right.



Two more Bubbles in "Mood for Music" and its quite workable Pak variation in pink!




Here is where you're gonna have to look TWICE, because this is NOT one gal in a mirror! Cubby got us with two amazing #3's in Cotton Casual on either side of an empty picture frame!!  (c/o cubby)

 Tama's gorgeous #3 Blonde looks just a tiny bit surprised to see her #4 Brunette sister in an amazing Sylvia Campbell variation on "After Five"!  It is reminiscent of the Japanese exclusive, no? (Photo c/o Tama)

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