Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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There are so many fabulous swimsuits for these girls, why didn't we have this page ages ago? (*NOTE--this page is a work in progress! more to come!)

(Below and background photos: Bathing Beauty  "Marlo" T&T photo c/o cubby)


We just have to start with THE classics!  My #1 hand-painted Brunette in her timeless black-and-white zebra striped swimsuit.  Forever Barbie.



 ...Not to say a glamorous White Ginger Bubblecut does not do the same suit justice!

Cubby's four Blonde Bombshells in their FOUR different colors of Zebra swimsuits!  Only the B&W one was made by Mattel, but the others are SO cool! (photo c/o cubby)



 Marina's rare and lovely Pink-toned European Bubble wears the second swimsuit made for Barbie--the classic Red Helenca suit (Photo c/o Marina)


Sandy's gorgeous Fashion Queen  wears her very rich-looking gold striped swimsuit well, don't you think?  (photo c/o sandy Mann)

This pretty Brunette Bubble looks ready for the beach in her blue "In the Swim"  ensemble--it was a Pak set that included the Helenca suit, hat and accessories.  You could get it in blue, orange or pink



Well, no sooner did I get this page up, but here they are...Jamie's three spectacular Swirls in ALL 3 Vintage Original Pak "In the Swim" suits!  Enjoy--to see these all together is AMAZING. (Photo c/o Jamie)



Cubby's three darling Midges model their respective colorful two-piece original suits!  (Photo c/o cubby) 


My beautiful Brunette American Girl is modeling a very rare variation of the classic AG swimsuit!



For a nice vivid example of the usual American Girl original swimsuit, see the lovely MIB Pale Blonde below!


 For another cool variation on the American Girl Swimsuit, how about this one, modeled by Jamie's incredible European pink-skin AG!


Sandy's spectacular Blonde Color Magic looks fab in her original harlequin patterned suit with matching head band! (photo c/o Sandy Mann)


Sandy's lovely Standard Barbie shows off her original swimsuit, below--even the little daisy is still there!  (photo c/o Sandy Mann)



Now for another Standard Wonder, my MIB bright Titian in the earlier pink two-piece swimsuit!


Next, a pretty Blonde Talking Barbie says "look at my groovy hot pink swimsuit!"



...And with all these bathing beauties, we shouldn't leave out a future swimsuit competitor, Skipper!



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