Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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Mistakez by Mattel!

 Weird and Wonderful Mattel Catalogue Items!


*Photos on this page are reprints from issues of "Barbie Bazaar"*


Yes, there's already an "Oddities" page, but this new page is devoted to Mattel bloopers and strange catalogue items that either never were produced, or pictured wrong!














Need I say more? -->



















Check out the catalogue page below from 1959!  Do you see anything unusual (yep, the fish is weird on "Picnic Set" but what else)?



OK, now see the Evening Splendour outfit in close-up:

Anything...odd about it?  Yes,the purse is gold instead of turquoise - but look at the brocade pattern!  It is, first of all the rare 1959-only pattern, BUT it is the reverse side of the fabric!  Similar to  Japanese Theater Date.  Anyone ever seen this outfit done like this??-->


Or are my actual 1959 Evening Splendours below actually inside-out? :D





Now for some really interesting stuff-- we're up to 1961, and here are Barbie and Ken lookin' swell in their collegiate sweater outfits...But hey, what is going on with Ken's right arm?  And how the heck did Barbie manage to bend her arms that way in those little pics?




Here's a detail from the above catalogue page.  Ouch! 













Sometimes it might have been that Mattel planned to make the outfit with a certain fabric, and then changed it when by the time it was actually produced.  In any case, the next three outfits were in the catalogue for 1959-1960! 



I wonder how many kids got "Busy Gal" and wondered why they got the striped blouse below instead of this polka-dot one?  (It appears the polka-dots line the inside of the hat too.) Really, this did seem too heavy on red, doesn't it? 

What do you think?  I'm for the stripes.









How about "Open Road" ?  But wait a minute!


 Since when was the sweater dark blue?  And the pants--that stripe is NOT what we got (below)!  I sort of like the blue sweater better than the beige.








After traveling on the road, Barbie would need some rest!  And so she might wear this darling baby-doll nightie, "Sweet Dreams".  In 1959, it came in pink or yellow.  Hmm, ever seen it in BLUE?


Compare to the fashion booklet showing the yellow. I kinda wish they had also made it in blue!












Well, thanks to CUBBY, another little glitch was brought to my attention:  Check out this Plantation Belle on left, notably, the purse!   Anybody ever find this one on the market? 


 ...Nope, I bet yours is just like mine, above!





How about the new Fashion Queen Barbie doll?  Anyone own a BLONDE??? Do tell!



Check out the hat on this "Orange Blossom" outfit!  I never saw this one, did you?



And Skipper is wearing a very pretty "Ballet Class" costume--but wait, shouldn't it be pink, with pastel flowers on the headband?  But here she is wearing a white tutu with jewel-tone flowers!


 Below is the one actually sold on the market.

 (Above photo c/o







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