Barbie, Fashion Icon of the 60's

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Black and White

(Background Photo c/o cubby, edited to B&W by Teresa)

A page to show off your skills at artsy or retro black-and-white photos!  Or maybe old-time sepia or other special effects!  Just for fun.  


 MAD MEN still photo... My #4 is brooding...



No, no, Ken wouldn't MURDER anyone! (...Would he??  Maybe in a Hitchcock thriller with this Gorgeous #3!)




 OK, it's a color photo, but obviously it belongs on the B&W page, doesn't it?  (Photo of lovely Hair Fair and Ken c/o cubby)



...Hello, Guy Noir?





...Soft and Pretty







 "Faded Memories" Photo c/o cubby:



 Lost in thought...


 Anyone seen Bobby Darin?   Photo c/o cubby:



Channeling Joan Crawford!  Photo c/o Sandy Mann, made into B&W by Teresa: 


Moonlight becomes her... 


 Remember "Goldfinger"?




 Peach Perfection!  Photo c/o cubby:


 "Barbie's Day Off" (Photo c/o cubby)


...And channeling Janet Leigh... 


Ken and Barbie get ready to sing Auld Lang Syne... (Photo c/o cubby)



Homecoming Queen!  (Photo c/o cubby)

Time to turn in...


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